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Kids visiting Grandparents with Dementia

Visiting grandparents with dementia can be confusing and difficult for children. Having some activities planned for the visit is likely to help. Kids love to show pictures and SilverLark is a wonderful way to turn it into a game.

In our experience, it’s important to let the kids know to play slowly and let grandma or grandpa take a turn. You might want to talk about how the grandparent may not remember who’s in some of the pictures, but that doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying looking at them. Another tip is to use Apple’s guided access feature to keep the iPad restricted to SilverLark so that your child doesn’t quit SilverLark and abandon Grandma to head off into Angry Birds land. If the game only lasts 10 or 15 minutes, it’s all right, everyone benefits from those minutes of togetherness.

Sometimes the grandparent just enjoys watching the child uncover the pictures or play the match game. It’s so simple that a child and a grandparent can find their own way to play and there is no way to lose. If you’re lucky, a picture might spark a memory and some stories. There’s no guarantee but it’s a wonderful way to try to get a conversation going and if it doesn’t work on the first visit, it just might the next time.